School of Public Health (SPH)


The School of Public Health (SPH) was founded in 2012, where Public Health Researchers, Academicians, and Graduates are expected to play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare in Pakistan.


The country needs public health in Pakistan, where issues related to social and behavioral sciences, essential nutrition, policy issues, human resource management, and health communication have been highly neglected. Considering the high prevalence of diseases in our community, it was imperative to develop the human resource in the country, which is well trained to tackle all these public health challenges. Therefore, in the current scenario of emerging health problems in our country, and keeping in mind the need for a high-class training institute, Dow University of Health Sciences took this initiative and established the first public sector institute of public health in the province that deals with all these public health challenges by training the human resource for Pakistan and catering to the healthcare needs in 2012.