About us

Founded in December 2003, the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has been developing a tradition of excellence in education, research and community service. DUHS has educated and trained more than 8,000 students and residents from 20 academic institutes. The University has nearly 3,000 employees, including approximately 850 faculty members at present.

About DUHS

The Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) offers a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that caters to the needs of healthcare sciences by providing quality human resources. The University provides excellent academic facilities through its fully equipped laboratories, museums, and information technology, including video conferencing, besides logistic facilities at the teaching departments, hostels, and the campuses in general.

At the global level, the research creates a demarcation between the curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate level studies, but DUHS also puts emphasis to integrate research as a part of the regular curriculum, as well as community work. The research when taught to students in the beginning develops their habit of learning and acquiring information through primary data sources.


Students have opportunities to participate in the hands-on training workshops and professional training offered by the Professional Development Centers (PDC) of the university, which are fully equipped with manikins, simulators, simulating ICU, and operation theatre, along with providing other equipment and simulations for the training of postgraduates.

The Dow University of Health Sciences, since its inception, has been focusing on community services to provide preventive and diagnostic treatment, along with rehabilitation facilities for community health care, especially to the underprivileged class. The students of various undergraduate and postgraduate programs of DUHS are also actively involved with the faculty members in all the civic engagements of DUHS.