Campus Life



Dow University of Health Sciences and its hospitals are fully equipped with the most modern equipment in the laboratories, along with simulators to teach clinical procedures at the pre-clinical and clinical levels, with digital computer labs to facilitate students with their course loads and to support faculty teaching needs and scholarly activities. The laboratory based practical exams and classes are scheduled throughout the semester.

Computer Labs

Fully functional computer laboratories (digital labs) are provided accessible to all students, which contain PERN, provided by HEC for students practicing the medical sciences. It offers the following facilities:

Computer Courses:
Interactive lectures on basic computer skills such as MS-Word, Excel, Power Point, and MS-Outlook express.
Internet Training:
Internet training is given to the students in terms of sharing documents, protecting them online, difference between Intranet and Internet, and learning how to utilize HEC’s digital library and online databases, which are provided free of cost accessible to all students pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate education at any higher educational institution.

Hostel Accommodations

There are hostels for students (boys and girls) coming from different cities far from the university or for the students coming from abroad. The hostel is facilitated with the regular necessities and luxuries needed by the students.

Boys Hostel, Dow International Medical College

Facilities/ Amenities Provided include: Room Facilities Rooms
Canteen 2 Beds Ground Floor 11
Microwave 2 Chairs Wooden First Floor 23
Guest Room 2 Table Study Second Floor 25
Mosque 1 Air Condition Third Floor 25
Common Hall   Fourth Floor 25
Dining Hall (Chair with Table)    
Washing Machine    


Girls Hostel, Dow International Medical College

Facilities/ Amenities Provided include: Room Facilities
Canteen 2 Beds
Microwave 1 Dressing
Guest Room 1 Cupboard
Mosque 1 Wash Room
Common Hall  
Dining Hall (Chair with Table) rooms
Washing Machine Ground Floor 8
‌Library ‌First Floor 34
‌TV ‌Fourth Floor 43


Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid has been built at the OJHA Campus, Dow University of Health Sciences. This beautifully built mosque is situated near the Central Library, where boys as well as girls can offer their prayers in a comfortable and spiritual atmosphere.




International Cafeteria

Students can take a quick supper or spend their leisure hours in the comfortable environment offered at the cafeteria. The cafeteria at Dow University offers a variety of foods and different cuisines, including National, Continental, Chinese and Pakistani.



Library Services

Dow University of Health Sciences is fully equipped with advanced facilities in the central library having books, journals and other valuable services. It is the place for Research work and different Researchers especially Post Graduate Students and Faculty members utilize this library. Moreover, the main library has hard copies of variety of updated text books of all health related fields.



The following are the Services provided in the Central Library :

  • Ready Reference Service
  • Print out Service
  • Online Access
  • Physical Journal
  • CDs
  • Workshop and Events
  • Washing and Cleaning


Central Library


Digital Library

A fully accessible digital library is provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan which gives access to their National Digital Library. This 26 station Digital Library with internet and PERN connectivity provides free access to thousands of national and international journals and text books from almost all international publishers. Every student has a library card, through which he or she is able to issue the desired books.


Internships and Scholarships

The graduating students of the university are offered paid internships at various constituent institutes of DUHS. Dow University also provides needy students an opportunity to avail HEC Need-Based Scholarship and in this connection, a number of students have been awarded a full waiver of tuition fees each year. Furthermore, as per HEC – PM Laptop Scheme, laptops are distributed among the eligible students of the university to enhance their learning and boost up motivation.


Lecture/ Seminar Halls

The Dow University of Health Sciences has air-conditioned class rooms and lecture halls that are equipped with multimedia, Wi-Fi audio system, flip charts, podium, and computer systems and white board, which fulfill the requirement of the HEC’s SMART Classrooms, and facilitate students with their academics. The lecture halls are also provided comfortable furniture and seating arrangements for the ease of students during study hours.

In addition to this, there are seminar halls for arranging student seminars and research seminars for faculty, which are fully equipped with the latest audio video conferencing facility and a multimedia connected to the computer

Dow University offers research based courses within the programs as well as individual based research. The university has its own research department where professionals are researching and also teaching the students related to research work.

As the institution has its own hospital, thus, there are number of patients and data available for students to begin any research related to the topic they have chosen. Researchers can get benefit through the Research stations dedicated to scientific research and an easy access to the international database and magazines coupled with a resourceful Digital Library to facilitate the research work at the institute.

State of the Art Auditorium and Common Rooms

The seminars, conferences and workshops are held in the state of the art Moin Auditorium at Dow Medical College and Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Auditorium at Dow International Medical College.

There are also common rooms for girls at each college/institute, where they can offer their regular prayers, spend leisure hours or sit for combine study purposes. The common room for boys is situated in the boys’ hostel.

Moin Auditorium, DMC


Dr. A.Q Khan Auditorium, DIMC

Common Room

Skills Lab

Dow University of Health Sciences has a Skills Lab with the latest and sophisticated models, dummies, manikins, simulators, with a full line of medical equipment related to each of the respective fields of medicine and allied health sciences. In addition to this, the University has a Digital Lab with a number of computers and high speed internet facility, with access of online HEC journals. The clinical skills are taught at the Professional Development Centre in both campuses. Hands on practical training are provided at Dow Hospital, and various other affiliated hospitals and health centers. The students also provide services to the community by organizing community health programs.

Furthermore, opportunities and strategies are provided to the students to enhance their learning by organizing various seminars and workshops. Students are also provided with the opportunity of Preceptor ship model of learning to further improve their professional learning and skills under the supervision of faculty and medical technologists