Professional Development Centre


With the establishment of Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in 2004, it was envisioned that Continuing Medical Education (CME) should be promoted within the faculty and students of Dow University. Professional Development Center started working as the “Office of CME” as of January 2004. Under this office, CME lectures, seminars, symposia and conferences were conducted on a regular basis. Furthermore International Health Days were celebrated regularly. Over a period of a year and a half, the faculty dedicated to PDC managed to organize more than a 100 national and International events, with the dedication and efforts of the Faculty and Alumni abroad.

After the devastating earthquake of 2005, it was thought to add hands-on workshops in addition to the CME lectures, which were mostly theoretical. Thus the Office of CME was amalgamated into a more comprehensive “Professional Development Centre” (PDC) of Dow University of Health Sciences. Also, a formal inauguration was performed by the Chancellor of the University, Governor of Sindh.

Subsequent to its formation, two divisions were formed within the PDC, namely Surgical and Allied and the Medical and Allied, where faculty members were designated as Directors of these two divisions. They were given the task to do a Training Needs Assessment and offer programs for different categories of health Professionals.

The Professional Development Centre has simulated ICU, simulated Operation Theatre, Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Suites, three training halls and a Conference Room. Equipped with the latest audio-visual and multimedia systems, state of art equipment, electronic simulators and manikins, the PDC is a site for all those healthcare professionals looking to enhance their skills with hands-on training.

Professional Development Centre currently provides training facility in the basic and advanced skills to undergraduates, postgraduates, residents, faculty members and other health professionals. PDC has its head office at DMC with its branch at Dow International Medical College (DIMC), Ojha with similar facilities, equipment and instructors. Each wing of PDC has a dedicated Undergraduate Skills Lab.

PDC consists of four major divisions:

  • Continuing Medical Education (which deals with Seminars, lectures, symposia and conferences).
  • Continuing Professional Development (that deals with long duration & short duration training courses and hands-on workshops).
  • Undergraduate Skills Lab (which deals with the training of undergraduate students).
  • Miscellaneous programs (that include programs like visiting faculty, reproductive health and alumni affairs).