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About Us

DUHS is aimed at providing students, faculty, and staff with immediate access to real-time information and connects that information to a specific action. CMS is logically divided into several modules each of which maps to a university function/department. DUHS worked closely with the HEC (Higher Education Commission) and the “Campus Management Solution” project was initiated. Higher Education Commission selected six public sector universities for the implementation of Oracle People Soft Campus Solutions, and DUHS was one of them. The Campus Management software is an integrated solution that takes care of the various activities of an educational institution like student management, administrative functions, etc. The solution is available as a basic integrated application upgradeable to an Intranet / Internet system.

Oracle Corporation has a customized ERP Solution for academic institutions i.e. Campus Management or Student Information System. The solution is a combination of software and hardware. It helps manage the business processes of an academic institute in an efficient and professional manner.

The integration between various processes and departments i.e. admissions (electronic and manual), enrolment, examination, fees, etc. helps in automating the manual and traditional methods of the functioning of a campus.

In today and tomorrow’s successful higher education institutions must respond quickly and flexibly to a dynamic global education environment. The pent-up demand for higher education in the global economy is a tremendous opportunity and challenge. Campus Solutions is the leading student management solution that enables customers to innovate and succeed in today and tomorrow’s global economy.